About us

I'm Stefanie, mother of Juliette and married to Dieter. After my career as an HR manager I dared to take the plunge and followed my heart. In which direction? The direction of building a preloved webshop, the direction of Juno.

After an initial period of rest, standing still and fully enjoying being a mom, I got the itch to work out my ideas concretely. Because even if you love and adore the apple of your eye, their mischievous eyes and curious hands somtimes confront you with the facts and show you that the African proverb 'It takes a village to raise a child' is more then true.

I can honestly and without hesitation admit that Juliette is currently enjoying the time playing and laughing with her little friends, her dear grandparents and her godmothers, while I roll up my sleeves here and do my job with lots of love and passion. Because I learned one big thing in the passed year: in addition to create a warm family, every mom or dad needs me-time, time for yoursef and your own development.

What is important to me when founding Juno:

  • Honesty and transparancy;
  • Focus on circular children's fashio, sustainability & ecology;
  • Giving people a warm and unique feeling;
  • Being close to people;
  • Creating a sprakle in your eyes and a smile on your face when you receice your purchase.

How do I want to give Juno shape and story:

  • Selecting the best preloved items from the very wide range;
  • Making nice combinations with preloved items;
  • Finish your preloved outfit with new items;
  • Selling at nice and affordable prices;
  • Pack and ship every order with the utmost care and love.

How can you be happy with my missions:

  • Your little one shines in the nicest outfits;
  • You make an environmentally conscious and a financially attractive purchase;
  • Doubts about sizes, colors or combinations? Contact me and we will cut the knot together;
  • You will receive your order just like in a specialty store: a unique, fun experience with a wow-feeling that every mom, dad, plus mom, plus dad, godmother, godfather, grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle deservers for the apple of their eye;
  • You can cross clothing and styling from your worry list and give you some extra time for yourself or your family.

Preloved is underrated, that's for sure! Let me get rid of these prejudices and click through to the webshop so you can discover it by yourself and shop to your heart's content!

Enjoy Juno and your preloved ones!


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About us

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