Which items can I bring in?

If you have clothing, accessories or shoes that meet the conditions described below, you can contact me. If you are not sure if something qualifies, don't hesitate to send me a message so we can coordinate with each other.

If a brand is not on the list, please also contact us. I will check whether the brand scores well in accordanse with the values of 'Rank a Brand' and afterwards I am happy to add it to out collection.

These our the conditions on which you can bring in items:

  • Clothing:
    • boys and girls clothing form size 50 tot size 152;
    • recent collection - maximum 2 years old;
    • clothing in very good or new condition;
    • freshly washed and ironed;
    • brands thay you can find in this list;
    • not shrunk or washed off;
    • no stains, fluff, holes, missing buttons, ...;
    • prints are undamaged;
    • clothing without retouching;
    • clothing without name tags or name stamps;
    • clothing must have a size label;
    • no underwear, leggings and stockings;
    • boddysuits ONLY from Petit Bateau in very good condition;
    • beachwear may also be brought in;
    • no Wibra, Zeeman, H&M, Zara, Primark, La Redoute, Next, Orchestra, Obaïbi and Prémaman.

  • Accessories:
    • what can you bring in: 
      • hats, caps, hats; 
      • scarves & mittens; sunglasses; 
      • sleeping bags; 
      • night lights; 
      • slings; 
      • baby carriers; 
      • blankets for the park, crib or buggy. 
    • brands that you can find in this list
    • freshly washed and ironed; 
    • in very good or new condition; 
    • no stains, holes, lint, retouches, name tags or name stamps; 
    • items must have a size label.

  • Shoes:
    • boys and girls shoes from size 10 to size 30; 
    • we make a distinction between two types of shoes: 
      • Shoes type 1: 
        • size 10 through size 19; 
        • shoes, sneakers, woolen slippers, slippers or boots; 
        • very good or new condition. 
      • Shoes type 2: 
        • size 19 to size 30; 
        • first step shoes, sneakers, water sandals, boots, flip flops or slippers; 
        • only in new condition; 
        • reason: good shoes are of great importance for the feet of the smallest. Shoes that have already been well worn by another child have already taken on a certain shape and therefore do not provide the necessary support and freedom that every child's foot needs with his/her first steps.

Where and when can you bring in items?

If you have at least 10 items that are eligible to be purchased by Juno, you can send me a message or fill out the contact form to make an appointment.

What will actually happen?

After we have agreed on a date and time, the items will be collected from your home. A thorough quality check is then carried out and it is checked whether all items comply with our conditions. The same day you will receive a message whether the items have been approved and how much you will immediately be paid for this. As soon as you give your approval for the total amount to be received, you will receive this transfer to the account number of your choice and you will receive proof of this.

The reason we choose this method is:

  • to create the safest possible contact for you and myself; 
  • to take up as little of your precious time as possible; 
  • to immediately provide you with a nice total amount for the returned clothing. 

Good to know: if you do not agree with the proposed amount and you still wish to sell your clothing yourself, the clothing will be returned to your home free of charge. However, you can count on being offered a fair price that is in line with the market and that makes it possible to do something fun with this amount again.

What's in it for you?

There are several reasons why it may be attractive for you to choose a collaboration with Juno:

  •  Stop wasting your time taking pictures of all your articles; 
  • No more spending time on the sale of articles yourself; 
  • No more spending time in the dozens of contacts with potential buyers on social media; 
  • Don't worry about overflowing (wardrobe) closets that you don't find the time to empty; 
  • Enjoying empty (wardrobe) closets that you can refill; 
  • The articles you have chosen with much love will be given a second life in another warm family; 
  • Be part of a social project because items that have not been sold after 1 year are donated free of charge by Juno to a good cause; 
  • Perhaps most importantly, use the extra time and budget to do something fun for yourself and/or your family.

If you would like some extra time, extra budget and the possibility to quickly and efficiently create space in your (wardrobe) closets, make an appointment right away!


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