The goal of Juno is to get as many preloved toppers into circulation as possible so that we can reduce our ecological footprint together. After a lot of moms and dads have been able to shop to there heart's content at Juno, clothing and accessories may not be sold at the end of the ride.

We can not just let these articles go to waste and we want to give them a second life with families who struggle to make ends meet every month. These families have just as much the right and the desire to let their children shine in beautiful and trendy articles. How nice is it that you and I can help them with this?

In order to realize this social goal, Juno works together with 'Mothers for Mothers'. This non-profit organization has been committed since 1992 to people in Flanders (Belgium) who live in poverty. Mothers for Mothers has more then 160 volunteers who distribute materials and provide food to families with young children who are in financial difficulties.

Every week the non-profit organization distributes food packages to hundreds of families. In addition to food, parents can also obtain the necesarry material help for their children, such as children's clothing, care material, baby material, etc.

Thanks to your 'Drop In', we can donate cloths and other articles to Mothers for Mothers at the end of each season what has not yet been sold. By working together with Juno you not only think about your own family, but you also think about the family of another mom or dad! A warm thank you for that!

If you would like to read more about the working of Mothers for Mothers, please click through to their website:


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